XF1514 12mm Heavy Duty Bullbar


Also available in a powder coated finish, select when viewing your order.

Price includes GST and excludes powder coating and delivery.

Price excludes GST, powder coating and delivery.

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XF1514 12mm Heavy Duty Bullbar

  • Provides the highest level of front end protection of any Ali Arc truck product
  • Fabricated from 12mm alloy plate
  • Comes complete with central steel tow-hitch system, replacing the need for original hook mechanisms and allowing for quick and easy connection to a towing strop if required
  • Comes standard with I beam shaped uprights and horizontal tubing to protect the trucks radiator area
  • The bullbar is secured by two eye bolts allowing the bumper to be tilted forward to access the engine
  • The heavy duty bullbar is particularly suited for trucks used in the contracting, construction and forestry sectors or anywhere towing conditions could potentially be more demanding
  • Polished to a mirror-like surface finish
  • Alloy construction means the bullbar will never rust, and is relatively light compared to similar steel bumpers whilst retaining good tensile strength

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