3 questions you need to ask

What will your vehicle be used for?

Do you need protection, need to carry long loads, need something that makes your job easier or just want your vehicle to look good? It is important to determine what your vehicle will be used for and the different situations it will be involved in. Here at Ali Arc, we specialise in aluminium accessories that meet the needs of our wide range of customers. All our accessories are practical, functional and serve a purpose.

What do you actually need?

It is important to firstly identify what your vehicle will be used for and then ask yourself, what accessory is best going to help with this purpose. We manufacture and stock one of the largest ranges of LCV accessories and will help you to determine if the accessory you want is actually the one you need. Whether you need bullbars, nudge bars, cab protectors, racks, rear guards, sidebars, steps, sportzbars, we can help you decide what is best for you.

What is important to you?

Our aluminium accessories are New Zealand made, strong, light-weight and we have designed all our products to be easy to install. Our full range is put through our ISO: 9001 Quality Management System and where applicable, the accessory must conform to NZTA safety criteria such as our nudge bars and bullbars are tested and certified for airbag compatibility and our ladder rack systems have been Safeworking Load (SWL) rated.

Whether you are on the farm, own a fleet, have a few company vehicles, or operate in the transport industry, we have one of the largest ranges of quality LCV accessories. Not to mention, we still stock and manufacture accessories for older models. If you have any questions about what accessory is right for you, give us a call.

Email info@aliarc.co.nz or call 0800 4 BULLBARS for more information on how Ali Arc can help you.