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Ali Arc Industries’ Product Warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser (Customer). When a product manufactured by Ali Arc Industries is purchased at a retail level, the Product Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner of a product or of a vehicle upon which a product is installed.

  1. Warranty Coverage and Liability Limitation

    Under the Product Warranty, products that have been properly installed and are found to have a defect in workmanship, during a period of twelve (12) months after the purchase of the product by the customer will be repaired or replaced by Ali Arc Industries in its sole discretion. This Warranty does not extend to defects in the material of which the product is made. Ali Arc Industries' liability to the customer is limited in all respects to the value of the product supplied.
  2. Limitation Regarding Laws

    Because of the differing requirements of various jurisdictions, Ali Arc Industries makes no representation of Warranty whatsoever that products comply with the laws of the area where the customer purchased or is using the product. The customer shall have the sole responsibility to ascertain whether products or their installation comply with laws.
  3. Limitation Regarding Vehicle Features

    1. Some vehicles are equipped with special crash features and/or air bags. The installation of a product could alter the crush rate of the vehicle and the operational characteristics of an air bag. Ali Arc Industries shall have no responsibility arising from any such alteration of crush rates of operational characteristics.
    2. Ali Arc Industries’ airbag compatible product, denoted by the number “8” in the first position of the 3-digit part number e.g. T813, implies that the product meets the AS4876.1-2002 criteria.
  4. Exclusion and Implied Warranties

    The foregoing Warranty excludes and does not extend to any defect due to the negligence of others, incorrect or improper installation, unreasonable use, accident, alteration or ordinary wear and tear. The foregoing Warranty is in replacement of the substitution for any implied or statutory Warranty whatsoever, all of which implied or statutory Warranties, including, but not limited to any Warranties of fitness for any particular purpose, quality or merchantability of the product, are excluded and negative. Ali Arc Industries is not liable for any consequential damages arising from purchase, installation or use of products and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall not be responsible for loss of use of the product or the vehicle upon which it is installed, loss of time, inconvenience or other incidental damages with respect to business or property, or for injury or death, whether as a result of breach of Warranty, negligence or otherwise.
  5. Warranty Claim Procedure

    1. The customer wishing to make a Warranty claim will ship the product prepaid and insured to Ali Arc Industries at the customers sole expense together with proof of date of purchase of the product and a statement of the defect in workmanship.
    2. The address of Ali Arc Industries for such shipment is 449 Heads Road, Wanganui.
    3. Ali Arc Industries may, if it finds the Warranty claim to be well founded, ship the repaired or replacement product.

At Ali Arc Industries we make every effort to ensure we supply exactly what you require; on very rare occasions an error may occur. In the instance that Ali Arc is the party at fault, we will naturally accept these goods for credit or exchange, provided the return is arranged within seven days of delivery. Where the fault lies with the customer, we will accept goods for credit, provided goods were not manufactured as a "one-off". Please note: A $30.00 + GST re-stocking fee will be deducted from the value of the credit (correct at 24 April 2018). Original freight cost will not be credited.

Procedure for Returning Products

Prior to returning goods to Ali Arc, please ensure the following steps are carried out:

  1. Ring Ali Arc on our Freephone 0800 4 BULLBARS (0800 428 55 22 77) to advise our sales team of the problem.
  2. If the problem is due to customer error, and Ali Arc is satisfied that the return of product does not compromise our Returns Policy, simply arrange to freight the product to:
    Ali Arc Industries
    449 Heads Road
  3. If the problem is due to Ali Arc's error, we will arrange to have the product collected from your premises.Once the product is returned to our factory, Ali Arc will evaluate the problem and notify you of the intended action/remedy.

In both instances, please:

  • Ensure a copy of the packing slip or invoice is attached to product.
  • Ensure product is wrapped sufficiently to prevent freight damage.

Freight Damage

While we make every effort to ensure product leaves our factory in perfect condition, occasionally freight damage can occur - meaning product is not in perfect condition when you receive it. Regrettably this is out of our control. This is why we stress to all our customers that product must be checked prior to signing the consignment note. Once the consignment note has been signed clean, Ali Arc can not lodge a claim with the freight company. While we will do our best to work with the customer to find an acceptable outcome, Ali Arc can not guarantee that this will happen.

Ali Arc Industries is committed to safety regulation compliance, and this is foremost in our minds whenever we embark on research and development. To ensure our frontal protections systems meet the safety criteria set out by NZTA (New Zealand Transport Association), we employ the services of ASE (Automotive Safety Engineering) PTY LTD, located in Lonsdale, South Australia. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing methods at ASE, and no Ali Arc bar is approved for fitment until we are satisfied that all safety regulations have been met.

The following testimonial has been supplied by Grad Zivkovic, Managing Director and Chief Engineer of ASE.

“The test methods used by our company are also used by other bullbar manufacturers and car manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

With regards to AS4876.1.2002 “Motor Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems”; Section 3 performance requirements and in particular Clause 3.1 “Australian Design Rules Compliance”; Clause 3.1 quotes “The VFPS shall continue to comply to all applicable Australian Design Rules”. All the VFPS’s tested by our company are being certified to continue to comply with all applicable ADR (Australian Design Rules) and Standards.

To achieve this, the following test methods are being used:

  • Pendulum test method commonly used to test bumper bars (approved and documented by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).
  • Full Frontal Barrier Test for Must Not Deploy, Must Deploy and 48kph and 56kph occupant protection tests.
  • Offset Barrier Test at 64kph for occupant protection.

The above tests are being performed on real vehicles as well as on replica chassis. In the past ten years our company has tested over 300 models of Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems (bullbars), and it is estimated that over 300,000 tested VFPS’s are being fitted on motor vehicles in Australia and overseas. Over that period of ten years, approximately 2000 vehicles were involved in major and minor collisions and no adverse airbag deployment was reported.

The above facts give us confidence that our test methods developed over the years are accurate and can be used to certify a VFPS for airbag compatibility.”

G. Zivkovic, MSc, BSc, MIEA, MSAE
Automotive Engineer

To make your buying experience easier, we have several Light Commercial Vehicle product stockists from whom you can purchase our great products. It’s as simple as checking the Stockists tab to see who services your area.

    Please note:

    • LDV products can only be purchased through the LDV Dealer network
    • SsangYong products can only be purchased through the SsangYong Dealer network
    • Truck products can be purchased directly from Ali Arc, regardless of location

It is only natural that the shine on your aluminium bar will dull over time, however it's simple to bring it back to life with minimal time and effort.

We recommend the use of an automotive metal polish such as Autosol.

  • Apply a small amount of polish to a soft clean cloth. The cloth can be wet or dry, though a damp cloth may produce best results
  • Apply thinly to one section at a time, rubbing into metal and then buffing to achieve a high lustre
  • For hard to reach places, apply with a small brush
  • For large bars, or stubborn blemishes, consider using a buffing wheel

1. The goods to be sold by AAI to the Customer (“the Goods”) are sold subject to these terms and conditions at the agreed price and place of delivery.

2. Payment of the purchase price is due in full on the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice. Interest of 18% (accruing monthly or part monthly) per annum will accrue thereafter, until payment, including interest, is received in full by AAI.

3. Risk and Security

    3.1 The Goods will be at the Customer’s risk immediately on despatch. The Customer will insure the Goods at full replacement value until legal and beneficial ownership of them has passed to the Customer. If the Goods are damaged or destroyed before legal and beneficial ownership of them has passed to the Customer, the Customer will hold the proceeds of such insurance in a separate fund and on trust for AAI.
    3.2 Legal and beneficial ownership of the Goods will remain with AAI until payment in full is made:
      (a) For the Goods; and
      (b) For all other amounts owing by the Customer to AAI.

    3.3 The Customer acknowledges that AAI supplies the Customer with the Goods on the condition that all payments received by AAI from the Customer are made at a time when the customer is able to pay its debts from its own money as and when those debts become due.

    3.4 The Customer acknowledges that the Customer will not make any payment(s) to the AAI with a view of giving AAI a preference of the Customer’s other creditors.

    3.5 Without prejudice to any of AAI’s other remedies, if any amount payable by the Customer to AAI is overdue or the Customer becomes insolvent, commits an act of bankruptcy, has a receiver appointed over all or any part of the assets of the Customer, makes or is likely to make an arrangement with its creditors, has a liquidator (provisional or otherwise) appointed or is placed under statutory or official management, then:

      (a) AAI may cancel any outstanding order with the Customer; and
      (b) Any moneys payable by the Customer to AAI whether due for payment or not shall become immediately due and payable; and
      (c) AAI shall become entitled to recover from the Customer all costs that AAI may incur in attempting to collect from the Customer any outstanding amount owed by the Customer to AAI (including actual legal costs and expenses and collection costs).
      (d) AAI reserves the right, and the Customer hereby irrevocably provides consent to AAI, to enter by its employees or duly authorised agents onto the Customer’s premises, or onto any premises where Goods owned by AAI are reasonably thought to be stored and repossess and subsequently resell such Goods.

    3.6 Notwithstanding any period of credit, if the Customer wishes to sell the Goods before ownership of them has passed, the Customer may do so as principal in relation to the sub-purchaser and as agent as between AAI and the Customer. The Customer has no right to commit AAI to any contractual relationship with any third party. The Customer will account to AAI for the proceeds of such sales and the Customer will ensure that, until it has accounted for them, such proceeds are at all times identifiable, held in a separate fund on trust for Customer and can at the request of AAI be paid to AAI.

    3.7 As security for all obligations that the Customer may owe to AAI from time to time the Customer hereby grants AAI a security interest under the PPSA in all Goods supplied by AAI to the Customer from time to time and in the proceeds of all such Goods as well as in any negotiable instrument representing any such proceeds.

    3.8 The Customer will provide to AAI on request all information necessary for the registration of AAI’s security interest in terms of the PPSA.

    3.9 The Customer hereby waives its right in terms of section 148 of the PPSA to receive a copy of a verification statement.

    3.10 The Customer agrees that AAI shall have the right, in its absolute discretion:

      (a) to complete and register a mortgage (in the form of the then current Auckland District Law Society all-obligations mortgage) over any interest in any property owned or held by the Customer or the Guarantor (whether a beneficial or legal interest and as trustee or otherwise); and
      (b) to lodge a caveat against the title to any property in respect of which the Customer or the Guarantor owns or holds an interest (whether a beneficial or legal interest and as trustee or otherwise) to secure any amount owing by the Customer to AAI and the Customer and the Guarantor hereby appoint AAI as attorney of the Customer and the Guarantor for the purposes of AAI exercising its rights under this clause. Where the Customer and/or the Guarantor holds an interest in property as trustee the for the purposes of this clause the Customer and/or the Guarantor warrants that it has the authority of any co-trustee to grant AAI the rights arising under this clause and such grant is authorised by the relevant trust deed.

4 Passing of Title

    Title and ownership of the goods shall remain with AAI and shall not pass to the Customer until all monies owed by the Customer to AAI are paid in full.

5 Intellectual Property Rights

    AAI does not transfer to the Customer any right, title, or interest in any copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights relating to any of the Goods.

6 Limitation of Liability

    6.1 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits any rights the Customer has under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and these Terms and Conditions must be read subject to those rights.

    6.2 If the Customer is acquiring the goods from AAI for business purposes the Customer agrees that the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply.

    6.3 Subject to the forgoing AAI excludes all statutory or implied conditions and warranties to the extent permitted by law.

    6.4 To the extent permitted by law AAI limits its liability under any conditional warranty which cannot be legally excluded to one of (at AAIs sole discretion):

      (a) The replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods; or
      (b) The repair of the goods; or
      (c) The payment of the costs of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods; or
      (d) The payment of the costs of having the goods repaired.

    6.5 To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of AAI (whether in contract, tort, statute, or otherwise howsoever arising) for any claim by the Customer, its agents, employees, subcontractors, or any other person, relating to or arising from the supply of Goods shall not exceed the purchase price of the Goods to which the claim relates.

    6.6 Any liability of AAI for indirect or consequential loss suffered by the Customer is expressly excluded.

7 Dispute Resolution

    7.1 Except for urgent interlocutory relief, neither party may commence court proceedings touching upon or concerning any dispute in relation to this agreement or its subject matter, unless and until such time as the dispute resolution process specified in clauses 7.2 and 7.3 has been followed.

    7.2 If a dispute arises in relation to this agreement, either party may invoke the process in this clause 7, by serving notice in writing on the other party specifying the nature of the dispute, and that parties suggested or preferred method of resolution (the “Dispute Notice”). Within 5 business days of service of the Dispute Notice, the parties must meet in good faith to try to resolve the dispute. For the avoidance of any doubt while the parties may engage counsel and/or nominate a representative they must themselves attend and participate in good faith in any and all such meetings.

    7.3 If the parties are not able to resolve the dispute within 15 business days of their first meeting conducted pursuant to clause 7.2, then either party may refer the dispute to mediation using a reputable and recognised mediation service/mediation provider. Each party will bear its own costs of and incidental to such mediation and will pay one half of all mediation costs.

    7.4 If mediation has not resolved the dispute within 15 business days of the matter being referred to mediation, then either party may commence court proceedings.

8 Returns/Credit

AAI may in its absolute discretion accept goods for credit within 30 days of dispatch. Any goods returned by the Customer for credit will only be accepted if they are in re-saleable condition and accompanied by the Customers account number, AAIs invoice number, and the reason for the return. Any credit received by the Customer pursuant to this clause 8 shall be less re-stocking costs incurred by AAI.

9 Use of Information

The Customer authorises AAI to collect and use any information about the Customer provided to a AAI (“the Information”), for any purpose connected to the business of AAI including (but not limited to) debt collection, credit reporting, or assessment. The Customer expressly authorises AAI to disclose the Information to any third party or agency for the purposes of debt collection, credit reporting or assessment, and that third party or agency may retain and/or use the Information for such purposes for as long as it may lawfully do so.

10 The Customer confirms that in agreeing to these Terms and Conditions that it is not acting as an agent for any other person or entity.

11 The Customer acknowledges that the Customer has read and understood and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

12 These Terms of Trade will be binding on the Customer from the time the Customer places an order with AAI.

13 These Terms of Trade may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of AAI and the Customer shall be bound by any such amendments from the time at which the Customer is notified of the amendments.

Please download and complete the feedback form below, and return it to info@aliarc.co.nz

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We appreciate that not every vehicle owner wants the highly polished shine that comes with aluminium bars. For an additional cost, we are happy to arrange powder-coating of any of our bars prior to dispatching. Alternatively, we can supply unpolished bars so that powder-coating can be carried out at your convenience. Please advise at time of placing order if you would like this option.